The global financial services market is going through challenging times. Competition, growing regulatory pressure, and heightened risks from external forces have never been greater. To be successful, financial service providers must face these challenges while at the same time reducing costs, increasing security, and differentiating their product and service offerings.

CNS have flexible communications solutions fit the needs of financial services organizations in all sectors

  • Capital Markets – Eliminate turret and communications silos and deliver a complete solution on a single IP platform. CNS has solutions that blend the best of IP and turret functionality while providing scalable, flexible solutions.
  • Insurance – Automate routine and repetitive business processes with reliable and cost-effective solutions. Improve efficiencies, and turn the call centre into a profit centre, delivering an exceptional personalized customer-centric experience.
  • Retail Banking – Deliver solid customer service, extend customer life cycles, reduce attrition, and open new windows of opportunity. Using the Mitel product set, CNS can provide retail banks with the tools to proactively manage current customers and actively assist in the attraction of new ones, allowing you to proactively respond to economic fluctuations while delivering consistent value.