As of midnight, January 13th, Microsoft will no longer provide automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance. Happily that doesn’t mean your computer is going to automatically break or stop working, but it does mean Microsoft will no longer offer free help and support if you have problems with your Windows 7 software from this point on.

Don’t Panic! If you’re still using the trusty Windows 7 and don’t want to miss out on the regular updates and support you can upgrade to Windows 8.1. You can order your Microsoft upgrade to Windows 8.1 with CNS.

Sometimes it makes more sense to replace your old PC rather than upgrade it.

A new PC comes with a newer operating system, a warranty and the benefits of a new PC but doesn’t cost much more than a boxed copy of the Windows 8.1 upgrade alone. CNS can even arrange the order and delivery for you, all you need to do it contact us.